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We extend the best and real-like counterfeit banknotes of 10 currencies nicely produced and capable of clear tests like pen test, UV light test, and water test. Proud to state that our 80% banknotes pass through the ATM. However, don’t use these notes in the bank you want to get caught by officials. We offer real fake money for sale and a direct and reliable delivery when you order. We don’t save personal details anywhere to keep your privacy on top of the list. 

Furthermore, we are here to serve everyone who is in desperate need of financial assistance or looking for ways to help to change identity which can be cross-checked on the database or official documents be it a migrant, or someone with a criminal history. (Our fake passports, IDs, Driver’s licenses are formed with precise professionalism and with advanced forgery apparatus. Our clones come with the coming features like watermarks, security threads, intaglio printing, microprinting, fluorescent & color-changing ink, and everything that makes it authentic and real like.

All secret characteristics of genuine passports, IDs, and Driver’s licenses are precisely copied and forged for 100% certainty with a guarantee that you won’t get caught when using. We are unmatchable & unbeatable pros in fabricating grade A fake documents.


Buying legal fake documents online in today’s scenario life seems to be simpler and easy when you have enough money and it’s been proven that people who have less financial problems succeed more. In this day and age, the Fake or forged document takes a critical role. These fake documents can solve millions of real-life problems and they are getting promoted hugely on the dark web. On the Internet, you can find various sites dealing in Fake Documents like Passport, visa, Driving license, birth certificates, School document, house document, green card, International driving license, resident permit card, Bank Credit and debit cards and so many sites on the internet selling similar things that may get you confused which is real or which is bogus.

We recognize that it is of excellent value to discover a reliable online fake-documents’ provider who will ensure great security and privacy for you. If you’re looking for authentic fake documents service, you are lingering in the right place. Here at true docs and note stores, we sell fake documents for sale that seem exactly like real ones, you can Buy Fake Sterling Notes with us, you can stay assured because you have made an order from us. We are the ace of this industry and doing this work successfully from time, our professionals are committed to giving 100% satisfaction to you without burning a hole in your pocket. The step is simple to place an order, just select the type of fake document and press the “Add to cart” button and you are good to go. Buy fake documents online and Real Fake Money For Sale and these two things will sort all your major problems in life.

Why choose us to buy real and fake documents online?

On true docs and notes, you can get unauthentic documents that look exactly like the real one. We do our best to deliver with absolute security of the fraudulent documentation we manufacture. So you can rest assured that you will not get caught with the fake document from true docs and notes. To guarantee our fake documents seem genuine, we use all the hallmark points on them, like certain dyes, watermarks, microprinting, and many other aspects. We use high-definition printing machines and other excellent devices to achieve maximum proficiency to our diverse customers from around the globe.

One more convenience of ordering with us is that you don’t have to establish any contact with anyone At true docs and note, you can get any document from the convenience of your home in just seconds visit our contact us age. Browse our product section and choose the type of document or product you want:


How to get fake documents online

With years of experience, we have built a solid network with global partners settled in key managerial professions in government institutions. They help us to accommodate our fake documents services comfortably and provide genuine documents that you can practice for any purpose. Here at true docs and notes, we endeavor to provide our customers with unmatchable support services, prompt delivery, and reliable payment alternatives. We understand and respect your privacy and protect personal information permanently. So nobody would be able to trace the order back to you.

To place an order on our website as simple as ABC. Fill the details in an online form with your personal and billing information, choose the payment and shipping mean that’s appropriate for you, and move to checkout. Expect your purchase to arrive in just a few days.

If you have any further doubts regarding our products or shipping services, we’ll be happy to clear them out,  contact us whenever you feel like.

We promise the best and most secure Fake IDs at the great prices!

We are concentrated on rendering high-quality fake IDs, licenses, passports, and other legal paperwork that you need to accomplish a particular task. All of our fake documents have all the security points you need! We have outstanding customer service and we’ll reply to nearly all emails within 24 hours! Any questions? – Please write them to us and we will sort things out.

Online Degree And Fake Certificates:-

Give us a diploma you want with details and we will make the same for you. You want a fake document of degree, the fake certificate should be most genuine and the certified document at a reasonable price. We will render you the best service, fix your problem. We should know your terms and give professional online certificates and achieve your desires. We can assist you in high-class certificates to you, and your close ones, and this piece of paper can uplift your status on any field wherever you desire.

We pay attention to the smallest details like fonts, hue, and everything that makes the original “Authentic”. We provide a replica of Deeds, Money orders Deeds, Court orders, Securities, Bonds, Court Seals, Currency, Corporate documents, and Documents used in identity theft. The document looks like the original. We make documents so genuine that they may surpass the authenticity of a real one. We assist you with all the documents which you need to turn any situation in your favor.

Advantages of the fake degree and the diploma certificate:-

Document and degree show your worth and with the help of a fake degree, you can easily access that validation. In various cases, the fake document will be served to substitute the original one. To try for the more significant positions in life. We guarantee the user can attach the documents to the desired places at the very minute not to mention in every possible way. We guarantee our document will mirror the original.

Limitations of the fake degree and the diploma certificate:-

You may be more than interested in buying the fake degree and the diploma certificate but it’s advisable to use these with some precautions. 

For the personal use, you can take a fake degree certificate online or diploma for proving things to person-specific but you should not use the fake degree and the diploma certificate in taking admissions or for a job interview where there are chances of detailed scrutinization of the documents like prestigious universities, big MNCs or government offices.

We promise our degree will be the same replica of the original but misshapen can occur anywhere and with anyone, leaving scope for this try to be as cautious as possible because getting caught with fake documents can lead to a total loss of your career and employment chances.

Advisory Note: Use certificates only on those places or situations where chances of scrutinization are less to negligible, applying these certificates to inappropriate places can damage your reputation, career, and chances of employment permanently. 

Buy counterfeit currency from a trustworthy source

Challenging the digital culture, cash is not leaving our economy because the confidence of having cash in your pocket can’t be compared to plastic cards. Doesn’t matter from where you belong, having cash is equal to financial security for that time. Needless to say that traveling with money will give you the freedom to purchase anything you want without exchanging real money. This is exactly why taking high-quality Real Fake Money For Sale from true docs and notes is the best answer for those who are interested in traveling and like to save up. Local people can also get a huge advantage from buying Cheap Counterfeit Money to save their everyday cost and every penny saved is every penny earned .

Being the biggest provider of Fake Banknotes for sale, we provide the notes with all the required security points on them to make certain our counterfeit banknotes look mirror-like genuine. Honestly, this is not our business but passion. We deeply understand the emotions of the people who are not very financially sound and have responsibilities to meet. Our company is powered by skillful technical geeks and artists who were ex-workers in financial institutions and understand the procedure of money creation like it’s embedded in DNA. They are rebels of the system and they did for you to extend the best Cheap Counterfeit Money to support you live the life you have always wanted.

Get fake banknotes for sale at reasonable prices

We are extremely proud to announce despite practicing the HI-tech printing apparatus, we are able to provide Fake Banknotes at figures anyone can buy. With true docs and notes in your support, you do not have to work 18 hours a day to fulfill your luxurious needs. Everything you ever wanted is just one click away and we will provide the currency of real-like quality in a matter of some days.

Our smart money generating techniques enable us to produce banknotes of authentic grade ticking all security standards and specifications, so that cannot be identified by the bare eye or touch and most of the time not through ATM machines too. You can use our notes without a second thought in supermarkets, showrooms, gas stations, farmers’ markets, and at every other place where they cannot be checked with a machine or has extra security.  

All About Shipping, delivery and payment details

Handing out national and worldwide shipments, we take charge to send you the quality that cannot be matched and bring a big smile on your face every time you place an order with us.  Buy Cheap Counterfeit Money from true docs and notes, and we’ll dispatch your parcel safely, privately, and in no time. We promise full privacy, so you can be assured that any of your information won’t show on the box. We pack the parcel with a tetra layer vacuum package, guaranteeing the security of the parcel. In the event of the delivery negligence, you will get a full refund or replacement within 10 days.

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